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Basin & Furniture

As it is the place where you get active every morning and where you end your hygiene rituals at the end of the day, the basin needs to adapt to you and to everything you need. As the way the basin is placed is essential not only to provide character but also to achieve greater functionality in the bathroom, we present seven different options full of advantages. It will be hard to choose one!

Because we can be urban, classic or modern and live as solitary souls, as a couple or as a family, our bathroom furniture ends up becoming an extension of ourselves. Day to day accomplices, we choose them not only for their style but also for their ability to respond to our needs. To dress up such a personal corner, we propose bathroom furniture ideas that will help you to design the best storage for your home.

Distinctive, resilient and exclusive to Roca, Inspira’s basin material is 40% lighter and 30% stronger than conventional porcelain.   Highly appealing in their simplicity, these basins embody our innovative approach to design and functionality.

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