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Bath Solution

Because in a small bathroom there is room for more than a shower tray, discover hip baths, freestanding baths or hydromassage baths to surrender to the pleasure of bubbles.

The sound of water flowing, the warmth of the perfect temperature, the touch of bubbles on your skin… and all of it in your small bath. If you don’t want to give up a good bath, not even when you lack the necessary space, keep reserving that special moment, that instant of complete privacy or to share your daily grooming rituals with your family. There are not only hip baths with such reduced dimensions as a small shower tray, you will also find built-in baths that can take up between 1000 and 1600 mm. Solutions with different styles and materials also in hydro massage baths and freestanding baths, designs that innovate with functions or finishes for a comprehensive bathing experience.

Find the perfect temperature. Add a dose of scent. Pour oil, soap, salts… Slowly slide into warm water that could transport you to another dimension. There are pleasures that have nothing in common with the frenetic pace of our everyday life. Objects that stop the clock. One can love the bathing ritual and enjoy it, or one can love it even more and surrender to the perfection of details, turning it into a unique experience that will change your entire perspective. 

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