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Get the best of ROCA & ARMANI-ROCA Sanitary and tiles with
the best prices exclusively for you only at Levante Trading

More than 100 years of Spanish experience at it is finest

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  • Workspace area.

  • Highlighting designers in Our platform.

  • Presenting Designers work in our platform.

  • Complementary 3D Drawings if all the whole bathroom is from us including the tiles, sanitary and accessories.

  • Latest Catalogs for ROCA, ARMANI- ROCA & ROCA Tiles. 

  • Special orders from ROCA, ARMANI- ROCA & ROCA Tiles. 

  • Pre- informing of our other companies discounts.

  • Inhouse Glass Solutions.

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ROCA Sanitary ware


Roca Tiles (Walls & Floors)


Exclusive Distributor for Roca & Armani-Roca

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