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Faucet Basin & Shower

Halfway between the classic configuration and the trendiest design, in their return to the most charismatic bathroom renovations, the built-in faucets for shower and basin combine style and comfort in the minimum space. Built into the wall with the universal system RocaBox, these basin and shower faucets not only stand out for taking less space, they are also easier to clean, as they are not as exposed to lime.

Your attitude or your way of expressing yourself say a lot about you, but so do the elements that make up the decoration of your home. Original bathroom faucets leave the ordinary behind to show your eagerness to differentiate yourself, to reveal with every single detail that you are beyond rules or conventions. Install modern faucets with unique designs or reinvent the traditional twin-lever faucets in a bathroom renovation that apart from surprising everyone will also highlight your character.

Roca faucets continue evolving to improve their performance without disregarding design and with the least impact on the bathroom, thanks to the universal system RocaBox.

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