Roca Tile is a worldwide leader in manufacturing, distributing and marketing of high-quality ceramic and porcelain tile and Levante is the exclusive distributor of the ROCA Brand in Qatar. The company’s product range offers solutions for multiple uses, from versatile wall tile to highly resistant indoor and outdoor floor tiles, including single colors, marble, wood, concrete, fabric, decorative tiles and a wide array of complementary pieces.

With almost a century of history, ROCA is a world-wide leader in high-quality ceramic and porcelain tiles for floors and walls, with an international business network spanning more than 80 countries. Discover our Color Collection and choose between 29 different colors of Ceramic Tiles by ROCA


Modern personality. A tribute to Marquina marble and to the sober elegance of art deco interiors, Mystery brings to life dark stone with delicate white veining to create modern spaces in which style blends with nature. 


Reinvented stoneware. Granite and stone join in a modern composition inspired by traditional terrazzo flooring to reinvent it in a wide range of formats and finishes in porcelain wall and floor tiles.

LM Stone real.jpeg

Impeccable neutrality. Horizons lost into the sunset, interiors that embrace endless styles without disregarding elegance. The delicate veining of Pulpis marble is the key to LM Stone Real, a porcelain floor tile that creates enveloping spaces.


Organic nature. The very personal look of slate with the incredible endurance and the technical advantages of porcelain tiles. Cliff is a full body floor tile with an extreme personality.


Pigment is modern and resistant, ideal for commercial, domestic and contract use in modern and daring interior designs.


Industrial inspiration. With roughness as a defining trait, the traditional Piacentina stone is the inspiration of this porcelain stoneware, highly resistant and versatile.


Exotic vocation. The colors of Serengeti and the extraordinary lifestyle of the nomad inhabitants of Masai Mara merge in a collection inspired by the geometric pieces of African jewelry.


Limestone texture. The Atlantic Ocean and its lighthouses, its wooden houses, its resistant walls eroded by the sea… Costa is a white body wall tile that finds its inspiration in limestone and the coastal landscape. 


Thinbig® is the new ceramic product developed by Roca that represents a new dimension in the tiles industry. A high porcelain tiles range with large format that guarantees the maximum lightness and endurance. 


Bahía collects the colours of the sea, the sand and the sea foam to create warm interiors full of personality. Naturalness and freshness join in a proposal that reflects the Mediterranean coast and culture. 


The roughness of volcanic stone can be appreciated not only in its rigorous black colour but also in its impossible opposites. Strength and delicateness join in a ceramic floor that integrates sinuosity and resistance. 


Thinbig® is the new ceramic product developed by Roca that represents a new dimension in the tiles industry. A high porcelain tiles range with large format that guarantees the maximum lightness and endurance. 


Inspired by the movement of stones, Traveller is an exclusive, very modern series with a high level of added value. It evokes the design of stone like quartzite, bluestone and slate, all of them elegantly unified in two shades, one cold (in two colours Gris and Marengo) and a warm one (Beige).


Ideal for domestic environments and those with gentle contrasts, Legend reproduces the design of English stone on different faces with a great deal of movement, unified under the same shade. 


Memory, the evolution of “cotto”. The porcelain range Memory imitates the relief of earthenware while incorporating aged effects, such as its characteristic rusted edges, to offer floor tiles with a marked rustic feel.


The elegant range of wall tiles Hotel combines the industrial style with an added touch of sophistication. Monochromatic, with a range of very neutral colours which do not need to be combined, this collection is the perfect decorative solution for large bathroom spaces full of design, architectural and sophisticated.

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Levante is the exclusive distributor of ROCA  Sanitary Ware & Tiles in Qatar