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Roca Tile is a worldwide leader in manufacturing, distributing and marketing of high-quality ceramic and porcelain tile and Levante is the exclusive distributor of the ROCA Brand in Qatar. The company’s product range offers solutions for multiple uses, from versatile wall tile to highly resistant indoor and outdoor floor tiles, including single colors, marble, wood, concrete, fabric, decorative tiles and a wide array of complementary pieces.

With almost a century of history, ROCA is a world-wide leader in high-quality ceramic and porcelain tiles for floors and walls, with an international business network spanning more than 80 countries. Discover our Color Collection and choose between 29 different colors of Ceramic Tiles by ROCA


Century Modern Style. A look at the exquisite elegance of the mid-20th century. The echoes of the North American Century Modern style resonate in a two-tone proposal that gives in to the character of Serpentine marble, ideal for commercial, domestic and contract use. 


Hidden nature. The veining of wood emerges behind a subtle veil of shades and colors. Ocala finds inspiration in Northern Europe interiors, bringing a proposal of porcelain parquet filled with incredible naturalness and resistance.


Natural nobleness. A tribute to the delicate work of wood relief. The northern European woodcraft inspires this high-end range of floor tiles with the best technical performance.


The Chevron range makes it possible in a porcelain tile that replicates the characteristic geometric arrows of wooden floors. With as many installation possibilities as you can imagine, Chevron enables the combination of right and left arrows to create original sequences for domestic or commercial projects. 


Vaporized wood takes shape in white veining with a worn appearance. An organic touch and the qualities of the most resistant ceramic are the keys of a range that commits to sobriety in 4 colours: Grey, Fir, Oak and Ebony. 


A series that is always modern, with multiple applications, Borneo is characterized by gentle, neutral designs and reliefs, reproducing the most natural wood.


A series with a great deal of movement, it has a decorated piece, Chateau, which simulates the classical interplay of marquetry. Rectified wood in Tuttomasa porcelain, available in four colours.


Yellowstone is perfect for both residential and comercial spaces. The rustic look and vintage feel of wood, completed with a three dimensional mosaic add character and warmth.


The pleasure of getting together is expressed in the Habitat wood series, with bold and contemporary colours that evoke places filled with a peaceful, harmonious and convivial atmosphere. 


SEQUOIA, the most natural wood. Sequoia is inspired by natural wood. It has the beauty of wood and the strength of porcelain. Funcionality and design together to make a warm and relaxing spaces. 


Bergen, ceramic parquet. Ceramic parquets have revolutionized the world of flooring, uniting the warm elegance of natural wood with the technical benefits of ceramic tiles.


Natural elegance. The warmth and beauty of a material as wood, that manages to seduce the space and reflects a unique aesthetic and visual simplicity of great character. 

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