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Smart Toilets / Toilets

As you need to use it several times every day and it is one of those places where you need to feel particularly at ease, buying a WC implies looking into all available models to choose, without the slightest doubt, the one that suits you best. WC models such as the wall-hung WCs, which provide more space in the bathroom; the In-Wash®, which revolutionize intimate hygiene; or the In-Tank, which remove the impact of the cistern from the installation.


Below you will find more Roca toilets that provide a touch of color or innovate with different designs to become the vintage or modern WC which will perfectly round off the renovation of your bathroom.

Just because an element is essential it does not have to be basic. If you are thinking of buying a toilet, you need to know that the right model can round out the style of the bathroom, contribute to making it seem bigger or even become your partner to obtain maximum hygiene. We present 5 alternatives to help you choose the WC you really need

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