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Urinals & Other Ceramics

An essential piece of sanitaryware for any men's bathroom, Roca urinals deliver that rare combination of design-led style and quality of manufacture. Whether you're shopping for a small bathroom, or buying in bulk for a pub or restaurant, our range of Roca urinals is the best starting point for putting your bathroom design together.

Easy to install and taking up a lot less space in your commercial bathroom than individual bathroom stalls, Roca urinals have been produced in a variety of styles to complement any interior design style. Reliability and durability is key in high traffic areas given the superior quality of Roca goods, we're sure you'll also agree that the price offers superb value for money.

Other Ceramic products like Slop Hoppers, Laundry Sinks, and Squatting Pans are also available,

Electronic vitreous china urinal with back inlet and powered by batteries

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