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WC & Bidets

Today we know that technology and innovation are here to stay – at work, in our homes, on our travels and in the way we socialize. Easy to use and hygienic, Roca’s shower toilet is much more than just a WC with a water jet or a WC with a bidet, as it is commonly known. It is a pleasant and trans formative experience of cleanliness and comfort which has found its place in many homes and is here to stay.

Roca’s WC with bidet is already a reality in the homes of many smart people!  With its soft curves, minimal design and simple geometry, it’s a product that easily adapts to any bathroom interior. Furthermore, the water and power supply can be installed behind the WC, eliminating any cables or wires around it.


Levante is the exclusive distributor of ROCA  Sanitary Ware & Tiles in Qatar